A Preview of the Remix

One fact about the world that I'm not sure people appreciate is that the very same group who's hatched the past few years' worth of efforts to conquer the Middle East would also like to start a war with China or, barring an actual shooting war, then at least a new Cold War that would prove extremely costly to both sides and perhaps even more costly to the citizens of weak states around the world who might soon enough find themselves churned up in sundry proxy wars.

James Fallows offers up a long and a short take on this, both of which are recommended. I would also add that within the left-of-center camp I think the idea of embarking upon such a concept is regarded as so daft that people don't realize it's even a possibility. But one really ought to recognize that the future of the US-Chinese relationship is probably going to be the most important variable in 21st century international relations.