A Final Thought

Hillary Clinton's margin of victory in Ohio will be larger than I expected.

It is hard to know how many delegates she will earn in Ohio, but there's a possibility that she nets enough delegates to actually, formally, narrow the earned delegate gap between her and Obama.

I base this on the theory Obama picks up a net of 3 delegates in Vermont, that Clinton picks up three in Rhode Island, and that that Obama will almost certainly earn more delegates from both the primary portion and the caucus portion of the Texas primacaucustwostep, although the AP currently projects a small delegate lead for Clinton -- a lead that will change.

As I write, the AP projects a net of 15 delegates for Clinton in Ohio. Clinton will probably pick up less than 10 delegates net when all the big Obama precincts come in.

Ok, so:

Does Clinton's margin in Ohio -- four, five, six, maybe 10 delegates -- exceed Obama's margin in Texas, which -- as my friend Chuck Todd pointed out just now on MSNBC, we might not know until Saturday?

Final, final thought: did Austan Goolsbee's apparent NAFTA freelancing seep into the electorate more than the Obama campaign thought?