"Yes. Well. No. No. No. No."

A great and informative exchange between G.S. and Howard Dean on this morning's This Week with George S.

STEPHANOPOULOS: And all things being equal, would you prefer that Michigan and Florida vote again?

DEAN: Yes. Well, no. No, no, no. I would prefer that their delegates are seated in some way, but that way has to be within the rules that everybody agreed to.

DEAN: Whether they vote again is up to them. I don't have a strong feeling about what they want to do.

And I have a lot of respect for both Senator Levin and Senator Nelson.

STEPHANOPOULOS: Sure seemed like you had a strong feeling there. That "yes" came out pretty fast.

DEAN: Well, that's because I didn't listen to the last phrase, "vote again." I thought you were going to say "be seated." And yes, I prefer they be seated, but I have a lot of respect for Senator Nelson, Senator Levin and the others in Florida who are working to solve this problem. And I think they will.

STEPHANOPOULOS: And if there are no do-over elections, will you use your influence to prevent the delegations from being seated, as is now, based on what happened in January?

DEAN: You know, if there is a nominee, the nominee that -- I don't control the credentials committee. After July 1st, the control of the convention shifts from the DNC to the nominee. So, the people who have the most votes on the credentials committee are controlled by how many delegates get elected nationally.

So, whoever has the most delegates will have an edge in the credentials committee. And whether they seat them or not is their business.