"Hillary Clinton Voted To Send Our Troops To War"

From a radio ad airing throughout Ohio on behalf of Barack Obama:

I'm Tony McPeak. As a combat pilot and head of the Air Force during Desert Storm lives depended on the judgments I made. And judgment is what we need from our next Commander in Chief. Barack Obama. opposed the Iraq War from the start. HC voted to send our troops to war, without reading a key intelligence report that raised serious questions about Iraq... [etc]

He's referring, of course, to the National Intelligence Estimate, which Obama raised by point of contrast in his stump speech yesterday to former Sen. Bob Graham, the then chairman of the intelligence committee who both read the NIE and used it as a pretext to vote against the use of force resolution. Clinton has said that she was briefed on the contents of the report but did not find it necessary to page through the whole classified little bugger itself.

I'm efforting the audio and will post shortly.