Trail-Gating: Some Lingering Primary Night Questions

A guest post from the Hotline's Nora McAlvanah

WI has one of boldest and most comprehensive health care plans in all of the US. Last June, the state Senate passed “Healthy Wisconsin” which would have made Wisconsin the first state to guarantee quality and affordable health care for all of its residents.

According to exit polls, the number one issue for voters was, unsurprisingly, the economy, followed by health care. We wonder how many of these health care voters picked Clinton--meaning they genuinely bought her argument that her plan is more universal than Obama's. And if they picked Obama, is this an indication of him making inroads into her most sacred of bases?

On a less serious note: Those CNN Analysts sitting behind their Dell notebooks? Is “The Best Political Team on Television” really taking advantage of technology or product placement?

Does anyone have actual footage of HI Sen. Daniel Inouye voting yesterday? Just saying, the guy misses a lot of votes.

Clinton was speaking at Chaney high school, not Cheney high school, in OH last night when the cable networks cut away from her 7 minutes into her speech to carry Obama’s victory speech. Can someone help her find the nearest undisclosed bunker?