Courtesy of Adam Bailey at DCist, a precinct-by-precinct map of the DC primary results. As you can see, Obama did best in the eastern half of the city (where there are no white people), Clinton did best west of Rock Creek park (where there are few black people). In the middle, things were in the middle. But Clinton lost all areas of the city. Indeed, out of the city's 142 precincts, Clinton won zero. In my precinct, the rapidly gentrifying 22nd, Clinton managed to secure 32 percent of the vote. I'd been taking the fact that I didn't see any Clinton signs in my area as an indication that her people really just weren't putting any kind of DC campaign together, but some others hypothesized that maybe there just weren't any Clinton supporters in the neighborhood. Evidently, though, about a third of my neighbors voted for Clinton, so perhaps if her team had put more of an operation together she might have managed to carry a precinct or two.

Clinton did best in Precinct 3, "the neighborhood including the Watergate, some G.W. housing, and the Foggy Bottom Historic District; but she still lost to Obama in a 275-243 vote." Nobody ever goes there, but fortunately my office is located in the Watergate (fortunate for the purposes of this post, unfortunate in the sense that my office is in an inconvenient location where nobody goes) so I took an illustrative photo:


That's some tiny Foggy Bottom Historic District-protected houses in the foreground, a slice of the Watergate complex in the back. The GW students must have put Obama over the top.