The Dem Debate Part II

Obama campaign sends around e-mail questioning whether HRC flip-flopped on new immigration promise.

NEWS: HRC says she'll introduce pathway to legalization within 100 days of her presidency; it's easy for Dems to talk about this now ....

Will the RNC attack HRC and Obama on immigration now that McCain is the presumed nominee?

Clinton says she might consider a pause in immigration raids until problem is solve...

Clinton campaign sends link to this video where Obama allegedly contradicts the answer he gave tonight on normalization with Cuba.

Obama: Obama always has a predicate for his answers; he answers policy questions and then asks: "How can we get it done?" That's a very deft way of returning to his message time and again.

RNC sends e-mail: " Obama's Stance On Cuba Is Completely Inconsistent & Incoherent"

Obama says he wants the POTUS to take "a more active role in diplomacy" -- a "privilege that has to be earned" should not be how foreign leaders view a meeting with POTUS.

HRC wants to open diplomatic relations with Iran? Says there's a difference between her stance and Obama's on how quickly a leader should meet with a leader, but it's hard to see how. She would "use bipartisan diplomacy" to "represent me and our country." Gets loud cheers for her answer on sending a positive message to the rest of the world.