The Dem Debate IV

HRC gets a standing ovation....

HRC's empathetic answer at the end of the debate is very, very strong...

she was "blessed" to "give others the same opportunities that I take for granted. That's why I get up in the morning. That's what motivates me for this campaign. No matter what happens in this contest, and I am honored to be here with Barack Obama... whatever happens, we're going to be fine. I just hope that we'll be able to say the same thing about the American people."

almost wistful, though...

Yet another RNC release; " Obama Has No Credibility Speaking To Troop Funding/Preparedness"

Obama: "I wouldn't be running if i didn't think I was prepared to be commander in chief."

HRC: "I believe I am ready from day one..."

HRC gets back to the Commander in Chief question. She sketches her own resume but does not answer the question of whether she thinks Obama is qualified to be commander in chief.

Yes, health care is important, but if HRC is right about mandates, then they'll show up in Obama's bill at some point. The Dem Congress will enforce that. So why argue about it so much in the debate?

I bet HRC is being gracious...she doesn't want to hurt Obama in the general by saying that and giving it as a gift to Obama.

HRC refuses to say that Obama isn't ready to be commander in chief. "It's up to the American people," she says. No it's not... if HRC believes it, as she clearly does, why not say it? It's arguably her best argument, and instead, she's getting into the weeds on health care. I assume this is a deliberate strategy predicated on the idea that direct confrontation hurts her.

Clinton campaign sends around Fact Check On Obama Leaving 15 Million Out.

The RNC sends out its sixth release on Obama: Obama On Openness And Transparency. So it's Obama 6, HRC O.