The Dem Debate III

Obama campaign sends link to this Youtube entitled: "Hillary Clinton Steals Barack Obama's Words."

Clinton campaign sends e-mail accusing Obama of plagiarizing... tonight:

Barack Obama was just asked about his habit of borrowing from other people’s speeches. It looks like he did it again tonight. Tonight, Sen. Obama said: “In Youngstown, Ohio, I talked to workers who have seen their plants shipped overseas due to consequences of poor deals it's like NAFTA that have literally seen equipment unbolted from the floors of factories and shipped to China.” [CNN Univision Debate, 2/21/08] John Kerry in 2004: “What does it mean in America today when Dave McCune, a steel worker I met in Canton, Ohio, saw his job sent overseas and the equipment in his factory literally unbolted, crated up, and shipped thousands of miles away along with that job?” [Kerry Remarks, Democratic Convention, 7/29/04]

Where the RNC releases about Clinton? Have they shelved the file already?

Clinton: "If this candidacy is going to be about words, I think they're have to be their words... lifting whole passages ... ts not change you can believe in its change you can Xerox

Obama: "these speeches... I gotta admit, some of them are pretty good."

Obama "first, it's not a lot of speeches." "Deval is a national co-chairman of my campaign and suggested an argument that I share. Words are important. Words matter. ... the notion that I had plagiarized that is someone who..gave me the line and suggested that I use it I think is silly."

Obama links "gridlock" to "families who are suffering."

Obama: "Sen. Clinton as of late has said, let's get real. The implication is that the people who have been voting for me...are somehow delusional...[laughs] and the 20 million people who've been paying to 19 debates...every major newspaper here in the state of Texas...somehow the thinking is that somehow they're being duped. I think they see the reality of what's going on in Washington very seriously."

By the way: Mr. Watson is the very popular former mayor of the city they're debating in.

Obama: "I think actions do speak louder than words, which is why over 20 years of my public service, I have acted a lot..."

HRC mentions poor ol' State Sen. Kirk Watson.... and says "actions speak louder than words."

HRC: campaign so far "very positive, mostly civil" -- but "there are differences between us." I "do offer solutions. That's what I believe in. That's what I've done. That's what I offer to voters because it's part of my life."