The 20th Democratic Debate

Obama: "It has to do with how we are going to achieve universal health care." Says same experts that say there's a difference say that difference is very small...

HRC: "It would be as though Franklin Roosevelt said, let's make Social Security the point of employment, at the point of contact, we would have people signed's like when you get a 401K at your employer..."... HRC getting passionate.. there's an edge in her voice

Has HRC ever answered the mandate question? How would she enforce it?

HRC: Re: Obama's Ohio mailings, "It’s almost as though the health insurance companies and the Republicans wrote it."

Haven't we heard this same debate about 14 times?

Obama: "Sen. Clinton has...constantly sent out negative attacks on us...e-mail, robocalls, fliers, television ads...and we haven't whined about it...because I understand that's the nature of these campaigns."

Obama: "I have endured repeated negative mailings..."

HRC: Asked about the Drudge picture... "I certainly know nothing about it.."

HRC: starts on health care.... calls for an "accurate" debate that's "based in facts." "My plan will cover everyone and it is affordable. ... Sen. Obama's plan does not cover everyone."

HRC: "This is a contest campaign. I have a great deal of respect for Sen. Obama, but we have differences."

Yay -- a Clinton video montage!