Super Tuesday Wire


Early Exit Poll Highlights

(From the AP) - The Republicans
** McCain leads among men, small lead among women overall. (Remember that this characterization is a national sample and that large McCain-favorable states are included.
** McCain has small lead among self ID Republicans and large leads among independents....Romney leads conservatives...
** More than 50% say they were late deciders....
** Economy is most important....
** Men outnumber women.

(From the AP) -- The Democrats

** Obama leads among black voters; HRC leads among Hispanic voters; Obama leading among white men; HRC leading among white women. HRC's margins among women smaller than other states.
** Half of Dem voters made up minds more than a month ago. No late decider data yet.
** Economy is the biggest issue; 7 in 10 said biggest issue was either health care or the economy.
** HRC's voters like experience; Obama's like change.
** 50% of HRC supporters happy enough if Obama won; 50% of Obama supporters happy enough if Clinton won.
** more than 10% of Dem primary voters under 30; 20% over 65.