Sebelius: We Count!

The governor of Kansas fired back against the Clinton campaign's habit of deriding entire states where they happen to lose elections:

Senator Clinton and her campaign surrogates keep deriding Senator Obama's wins in red states by saying that her victories in the 'big states' are the ones that matter," Governor Sebelius said. " The right Democrat, like Barack Obama, can carry red states, just like the 14 Democratic governors elected in states won by George Bush in 2004. We can't tell people their votes don't matter and then expect their support against John McCain in November. Senator Obama is reaching to Independents and Republicans because they desperately want to change our politics. I hope Senator Clinton will follow his lead and stop dismissing Democrats that don't live in New York or California.

Of course it's not just red states -- those of us in DC, Maryland, Connecticut, Maine, Washington, Minnesota, etc. don't like to be told we don't count either.