RSC Chair Hensarling Endorses McCain

Rep. Jeb Hensarling, the chairman of the Republican Study Committee, an influential conclave of conservative lawmakers, endorses Sen. John McCain in a statement this a.m.

"As the elected Chairman of the Republican Study Committee – the conservative movement in the House – I did not endorse a primary candidate. I feel now, and sincerely hope that my fellow conservatives will agree, that the primary is all but over whether we like it or not – no disrespect to Governor Huckabee.

"I can and will enthusiastically support Senator McCain as our Republican nominee for President. I call upon my fellow conservatives to do the same. I believe that he has earned our party's nomination, fair and square.

"I know John McCain. I have worked with John McCain. I have had some profound differences with him on important issues. Yet, I also respect John McCain and know that on some key issues that are extremely important to our cause, he is right on.