Romney's Speech

I believe I've noted before that I like Mitt Romney. Like not just in a typical liberal "I want our guy to run against the Mormon" kind of way. I like him! I think he'd be a better president than John McCain. I voted for him in Massachusetts in 2002. And right now I think he's delivering a pretty damn good speech. Education policy expert Sara Mead says "this isn't a winning message for him" -- too negative -- but it taps into my anti-Beltway rage (anti-Beltway rage only gets worse when you move all the way into the District of Columbia and realize that the country is run by jerks who ride the Orange Line).

That said, I couldn't really get a handle on the feistiness of it. It's hard for me to see any way that he's not dead in the water. Given the number of delegates McCain's been able to wrack up in big winner-take-all states, he seems to me to have a nearly insurmountable lead.