Romney Clues...

Mitt Romney is pressing on.

That's the message his campaign sent to members of Romney's national finance committee in an e-mail today.

The committee had been scheduled to be briefed by Romney in person on a 1:30 pm ET telephone call.

Instead, national finance director Spencer Zwick e-mailed members of the campaign to postpone.

"Governor Romney, myself and other members of our senior team are meeting today to lay out the plans for the resources needed and finance events as we continue to look forward to Kansas and Washington, and then on to Virginia, Maryland and Washington DC."

Zwick wrote that Romney's speech at tomorrow's Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington will be "major."

Thank you so much for all of your support leading in to Super Tuesday. We may not have won every state we wanted, but Governor Romney did very well last night, winning Massachusetts, Utah, Minnesota, Alaska, Colorado, Montana and North Dakota. He has now received eleven gold medals, eleven silver medals and six bronzes. We could not have done this without your support, and we will need to count on that support as we move forward.