Romney Advertises On Rush

Mitt Romney's campaign hopes to juice talk radio listeners' anti-McCain energy by advertising on Rush Limbaugh's radio program tody and tomorrrow.

The spot is "Falls Short" and lasts for 60 seconds. The campaign estimates that it will reach at least 15% of Super Tuesday Republican voters at least once.


ANNCR VO: John McCain, he's been in Washington a long time.
So let's what others have said about his record on taxes
The Weekly Standard's Fred Barnes Said McCain Had An "Incoherent" Tax Policy.
Fox News' Brit Hume Said That McCain Had A Tax Plan "Closer To Al Gore's."
National Review columnists said, "McCain's vote against Bush's tax cut [is] his boldest departure from Republican orthodoxy yet …"
Stephen Moore said of McCain –" He grandstanded against the Bush capital-gains and dividend tax cuts and even co-sponsored an amendment with Tom Daschle…
ANNCR VO: So let's see what others have said about McCain's record on immigration
The Washington Times: McCain's Immigration Legislation Is "A Disaster In The Making."
National Review said McCain's Immigration Proposal Amounts To Amnesty
McCain Is For "Open-Borders Immigration."
ANNCR VO: That's the McCain record.
WMR: I'm Mitt Romney, candidate for President, and I approved this message.

ANNCR VO: Paid for by Romney for President,