Oh, El Rushbo.....

Sen. John McCain is spending the weekend at his ranch in Sedona, Arizona with members of his traveling press corps.

The festivities are on-the-record. Or so I am told by two members of the press.

Barack Obama doesn't have the warm and fuzzies for his press contingent and every casual encounter between him and them is painfully negotiated between, usually, the AP reporter and Robert Gibbs.

Aides/strategists/thinkers within Obama campaign have several theories about whether McCain's accessibility will benefit him in a two-person race. One theory holds that Obama's brand is sui generis; the darned press corps is so eager to unfairly parse his every word and bring him to down to earth; less is more.

There are some folks in the Obama campaign who want Obama to speak to the press more often and more casually. These folks have, so far, lost their arguments.

But that could change.