Obama Talking Points

An Early Look Inside the Numbers (As of 9:45 pm CST)

Surprisingly strong performances in Senator Clinton’s backyard has Senator Obama in a strong position on Super Tuesday.

Senator Obama Wins Home State Head-to-Head

Obama won his home state by 67 delegates (110-43; 153 total). Clinton won her home state by 52 delegates (142-90; 232 total). Among home states, Obama won a net delegate margin of 15. That’s a good number – but even more impressive when you consider that New York had 79 more delegates up for grabs than Illinois.

Obama Wins in Clinton’s Backyard -- Connecticut

Obama won in Connecticut – less than 10 miles from Clinton’s New York home. Nearly 25% of Connecticut voters live in the New York media market.
Obama Showed Strong Across the board Strength in Georgia

In Georgia, Obama won nearly 40% of the white vote and 64% of the vote among women – an impressive display of across the board support in a Southern, so-called ‘red state’.

Strong Showing among Hispanics

Despite all the talk about Clinton’s strong support among Hispanics, Obama won a clear majority of Hispanics in Illinois and got nearly 44% of the Hispanics in Arizona, according to exit polls.

Obama Won Lion’s Share of Delaware Delegates

15 delegates were up for grabs in Delaware. Because of huge margins in Wilmington, the site of Obama’s 20,000-person rally on Sunday, Obama will take 9 delegates and Clinton only 6.

Obama Sweeps Caucus States

Obama is position to sweep the caucus states. According to early projections, Obama is likely to take delegates by about a 2-to-1 margin in Minnesota (72 total delegates), Kansas (32 total delegates), North Dakota (13 total delegates).

Similar margins in Obama’s favor are also likely in other caucus states: Colorado, Idaho and Alaska.

Obama, So Far, Has Won More Red States Than Clinton (5-3)

AL, GA, UT, KS, ND, (5)

AR, TN, OK (3)