Obama On Track To Raise Record $$ This Month

Barack Obama is on track to raise more than 50M this month, if outside projections and outside advisers to the campaign are correct.

His campaign officially admits that they'll raise more than $36M. Beyond that, they're keeping mum. Only a few key aides know the true projected total and they're not talking to me or others in the press.

But outside advisers, and one Republican math whiz, are reading the body language as best they can.

Patrick Ruffini notes that Obama "had tallied about 256,000 donors for the year as of the end of January." These donors contributed an average of $140 each for a total of $36M.

Now, he notes, "Obama’s public donor count stands at 583,525, meaning about 327,000 people donated in February. With the same average, that would give Obama just over $46 million in 21 days."

And Ruffini has created an embedded crowdsourced spreadsheet that tracks every bit of public data about Obama's fundraising. From those calculations, he gets at least $60M for the quarter.

Outside campaign advisers said that they believed the campaign would raise at least $50M, based on conversations they've had with the cryptkeepers.

How much will Hillary Clinton raise? Between $25M and $30M, according to advisers.