Obama-Clinton, Lieberman-Lamont


More mapping from Nick Beaudrot. Above is his representation of the Obama-Clinton race in connecticut which, since Connecticut reports results on a town-by-town basis, provides us with some pretty fine-grained data. Nick observes that there's a strong similarity to the map of Lieberman-Lamont primary results:


The main difference would seem to be that Obama did better than Lamont in the neck of towns closest to New York in the southwest corner of the state. Overall, it's not a huge surprise -- Obama, like Lamont, had a lot of appeal to voters who took the war very seriously as an issue and probably have a self-conception of themselves as freethinkers eager to buck the establishment. The question for Obama has always been to what extent can he break out of that box, adding African-Americans of all classes and an adequate number of working-class hispanics and white men to the typical reformer coalition. He's passed a number of critical tests in that regard, but it's still an open issue.