McCain Speech

He seems to me to be echoing Hillary Clinton's campaign themes, warning of an "eloquent but empty call for change that promises a holiday from history" though one of my more Clinton-friendly friends insists there's a significant difference.

UPDATE: It's also a bit odd of the candidate of perpetual war to also be the fiscal tightwide candidate. A 100 year occupation of Iraq is going to be a good deal more expensive, and a good deal less useful, than any number of bridges.

UPDATE II: McCain says "I know how congress works and how to make it work for the country." I've mentioned this before and I'll obviously have to say it again, but the reality of McCain's career is that for a man who's been in congress 25 years his legislative record is incredibly thin. This is what comes from being the kind of guy who curses at his colleagues, spends 80 percent of his time mugging for the cameras, and has little interest in or knowledge of domestic policy issues.