I don't understand this Clinton campaign memo at all. Key excerpt:

The Obama campaign and its allies are outspending us two to one in paid media and have sent more staff into the March 4 states. In fact, when all is totaled, Senator Obama and his allies have outspent Senator Clinton by a margin of $18.4 million to $9.2 million on advertising in the four states that are voting next Tuesday.

Senator Obama has campaigned hard in these states. He has spent time meeting editorial boards, courting endorsers, holding rallies, and - of course - making speeches.

If he cannot win all of these states with all this effort, there's a problem.

So if the candidate who's leading in delegates, national polls, fundraising, and states won can't sweep the March 4 primaries, then Clinton is the real winner? Maybe they should just go back to arguing that Texas doesn't count.