Hillary's Closing

I've avoided commenting on the ubiquitous YouTube comparisons to similar evocations from John Edwards and Bill Clinton for one reason: the charges of plagiarism in this context are just silly, as they were, quite frankly, when the Clinton campaign made them about Barack Obama.

The news value of the comments come from their common origin, actually. They're generally uttered when the subject recognizes the existential reality that they are mortal and that they could lose whatever contest is ahead of them.

It's kind of the opposite of saying: "I'm going to Disney Land!"

Check out these examples:

Laura Bush: 'Whatever happens will be fine' [El Paso Times, 5/19/00]
NBA Star Shaquille O'Neal: ‘We'll be fine, no matter what happens.’ [AP, 10/8/03]
Actress Lindsay Lohan: ‘No matter what happens, we're going to be fine.’ [AP, 4/19/07]
Former Redskin Dexter Manley: 'Whatever happens, I'm going to be fine.' [Washington Post, 7/26/98]
Former Redskin Gus Frerotte: 'I look forward to whatever happens. We're going to be fine.' [Washington Times, 12/22/98]
Notre Dame football player Tom Zbikowski: 'Whatever happens, we're going to be fine back there.' [Notre Dame football player Tom Zbikowski, 4/22/07]
Angels GM Bill Stoneman: 'Whatever happens, I'm going to be fine.' [Los Angeles Times, 2/22/03]
Former Giant Christian Peter: 'And whatever happens, I'm going to be fine.' [Asbury Park Press, 1/29/01]
Chicago Cub Larry Rothschild: 'I'm not worried about that. Whatever happens, I'm going to be fine.' [St. Petersburg Times, 4/1/01]