Fox News Poll: McCain's GOP Apprvl. At 73%

About ten to twenty points less than the respective approval ratings of Democrats within their own party, but not bad for a guy allegedly hated by most of his party.

Here's the full poll.

** Clinton and Obama are tied nationally at 44, a slight uptick for her. (Gallup's national tracking also has the race tied, again showing a slight uptick for Clinton.)

** In a general election matchup, McCain beats Clinton by three on the strength of independents and because only 77% of Democrats in the sample say they'd vote for Clinton, compared to the 89% of Republicans who say they'd vote for McCain.

** Obama beats McCain by three points on the strength of independents.

** 63% of Dems want Obama on the ticket if HRC wins; 54% of Dems want HRC on the ticket if Obama wins.