Obama wins Nebraska. Obama wins Louisiana. Obama wins Washington. And Obama wins the US Virgin Islands. It's a nice haul. Like Andrew, I'm struck by the complete and devastating nature of Obama's win in Washington, where he appears to have carried every single county in a state where Asians and Hispanics outnumber African-Americans. Ambinder says:

Though Clinton can't win the small states (unless she controls the machine -- think Nevada), Obama cannot win the states where the majority of Democrats reside.

This seems like a mighty gerrymandered "can't" for Obama. He can win Democratic states like Washington, Connecticut, and Delaware. He can win states the Democrats sometimes carry like Iowa and Missouri. Is the criticism that Obama can't win big heavily Democratic states? Well, he won his home state of Illinois and Clinton won her home state of New York. So this amounts to saying Obama lost California. Which, of course, he did. And it's a big state so California gets a lot of delegates. But one can hardly proclaim the winner of California the winner on some "states where the majority of Democrats reside" theory when Obama's winning more states and winning more delegates and winning them in all regions of the country.