My incessant predictions of Clinton victory have been Barack Obama's key good luck charm (have you noticed that I never predict anything correctly?) so even in her hour of seeming darkness I'm going to hold to the faith. There are two weeks between now and the crucial Texas/Ohio matchups. During that period, all signs point to John McCain focusing his fire on Obama rather than Mike Huckabee or Clinton. Consequently, Obama's real and potential general election vulnerabilities are going to be front-and-center in the minds of Democrats, whereas Clinton's equally real potential vulnerabilities will be invisible.

Fundamentally, meanwhile, many people -- especially including Democrats and not by any means excluding African-Americans -- deep down can't really imagine that the black guy could also be the electable guy. Watching Obama take fire from McCain there may be a Great Freakout as people decide that the fundamentals basically favor the Democrats so why not settle for Hillary Clinton and a reasonable shot at a 50%+1 victory rather than playing to win with Obama.