Clinton Campaign Claims 4,000 Precinct Captains In Texas

On a conference call today, aides to Hillary Clinton offered a look into the Clinton campaign's field organization in Texas.

The campaign has 20 offices open with 4,000 precinct captains recruited.

Clinton's Texas state director, Ace Smith, said that the campaign "intends to beat Obama" among young voters in the state, just as they did in California.

Smith predicted the campaign would win both the "primary" portion of the Texas vote and the "caucus" portion because all caucus goers are required to have voted in the primaries.

Unwilling to be caught flat-footed, Clinton has full staffs in Texas, Ohio, Rhode Island and Vermont, and as of today, has working field organizations in Pennsylvania and Wyoming.

Clinton campaign communications director said that the campaign's online fundraising "absolutely exploded" in February, raising $15 million online in 15 days.