CBS/NYT Poll: Obama Leading Clinton Nationally By Double Digits

See here.

(He's also beating McCain, nationally, 50 to 38%, among registered voters.)

Nearly 60% of all Democrats surveyed say that Obama is in a better position to beat McCain than Clinton. More Democrats think Clinton has made it clear what she'd do as president than Obama, but the margin is small: 65% to 57%. On balance, Democrats seem to like and trust Clinton. They just like and trust Obama more.


McCain's biggest opening: 56% think that Obama needs more seasoning, while 73% acknowledge that McCain is ready to be commander in chief from day 1. Just under half of Americans think Obama is ready to handle a national crisis.

Will the economy matter to independents? 66% of registered voters are very or somewhat confident they think Obama would make the right choices on the economy. But 58% say the same thing about McCain.

On Iraq -- almost an equal number believe that McCain and Obama would both make the right decisions on Iraq.

McCain's trump card is national security, not Iraq. Nearly 50% believe they he'd be a very effective commander in chief.

Incidentally, Obama is getting his margin from the enthusiasm among Democrats and a 10 point lead among independents. McCain has more consolidating of the base to do.