Cafferty Wacks McCain

I heard Jack Cafferty did a nice segment on CNN smacking John McCain for not bothering to show up for the stimulus bill vote. Nice to hear of someone in the press breaking with the love-fest. You can see his blog post on the subject and it's pretty solid stuff:

It was one of those moments that says a lot about someone’s character. What did McCain do? Nothing. He ducked. Instead of representing the people in Arizona who elected him, he simply chose not to vote at all. John McCain, pilot of the Straight Talk Express, wimped out.

And it’s not the first time. Not by a long shot. In the last year, John McCain has missed more than half of all the votes cast in the U.S. Senate.

People on the road are going to miss votes, but which ones you choose to show up for and which you consider skippable are telling. Especially the ones where you're the only absent Senator, as McCain was on this vote.