Check out this last-minute Romney / anti- McCain robo-call in Georgia. It refers to Mike Huckabee's playing the spoiler at the West Virginia convention. The tag line: "Don't let liberal John McCain and Mike Huckabee beat conservative values."

Hi I am calling on behalf of Mitt Romney for President.

Mike Huckabee and John McCain have joined forces to insure that the conservative agenda gets derailed during today's primary voting. In fact the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported that today's convention vote in West Virginia was reminiscent back to the days of "smoke filled rooms and backroom deals" when McCain threw his votes to Huckabee in order to stop Mitt Romney from winning. In fact the Journal-Constitution said "Huckabee is the spoiler. He has no chance of getting the nomination, but he's certainly useful to McCain - as today's alliance indicates." Don't let liberal John McCain and Mike Huckabee beat conservative values. Vote for the real conservative- Mitt Romne This call is paid for by Romney for President, 857-2XX-XXXX.

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