Why Won't Giuliani Throw A Punch?

Fox News's Oinounou notices...

As does CBS News Giuliani watcher Ryan Corsaro, who writes that Giuliani declined to endorse his surrogate's contention that John McCain was out of touch.

“I don’t believe that Republicans should be attacking each other. I think we should be pointing out our policy decisions. I supported the Bush tax cuts, John McCain voted against them, Mitt Romney was equivocal on them. That’s a difference, a policy difference. My tax plan, you can contrast it with their tax plan, it’s different. Some of it’s the same some of it’s different…”

And how's that working you, Mr. Mayor?

Some things to keep in mind:

(1) Maybe Giuliani knows that he has a reputation for nastiness and doesn't want to replenish the tanks for that stereotype.

(2) Maybe Giuliani really likes John McCain and doesn't want to hurt his feelings. Or maybe he believes that McCain will be the nominee and doesn't want to hurt him too much.

(3) Maybe Giuliani is content to let the surrogates have their way with McCain because that forces the press to ask Giuliani why he's not joining in, which forces the press to report the iniital slurs?

(4) Maybe Giuliani believes that if he keeps his message to policy, he'll rise above the fray. Problem is: McCain isn't really responding to Mitt Romney either. And, come to think of it, Romney's off in his own world of optimism.