Wannabes for Obama

Via Chris Bowers, some indication that Joe Biden and Bill Richardson will urge their supporters to back Barack Obama in precincts where they're not viable. Why? One bit of speculation I've picked up is that it's Hillary Clinton's close relationship with Richard Holbrooke. The 2004 rumor mill had the competition for John Kerry's Secretary of State gig going to either Biden or Holbrooke, with the jostling getting ugly at points. But Holbrooke's thought to have Clinton locked down. So an Obama win would be Biden's best shot at moving into Foggy Bottom.

Alternatively, Biden may think that his combination of whiteness and experience is just what a Nominee Obama would be looking for in a Vice President, while if one squints at it right would could even see the argument that Richardson has the right combination of non-whiteness (there's some thought that Latinos won't be excited about a black candidate) and experience to be Obama's number two man.

UPDATE: Ambinder says there is no deal which makes speculation about why there's a deal a good deal less interesting.