Update From Hillaryland

Sen. Clinton's decision to beat Obama to Nevada means that she is definitely contesting the state, whether or not he has an edge there. Union endorsements don't usually mean too much, but Nevada is a caucus, and that means that there is no secret ballot, and that means that the 60,000 members of the Culinary Workers Local 226 in Las Vegas will be expected to turn out and expected to publicly caucus for Barack Obama or face, at the very least, significant pressure from their peers.

One sign of ferment: in an extremely unusual decision, the campaign decided to let reporters listen to its internal fundraising telephone conference with top fundraisers, on which the campaign chairman and others spoke candidly about the campaign's financial situation and prospects and previewed strategy.

On the call, campaign chairman Terry McAuliffe promised to outraise Barack Obama through January, said the campaign had received more than $5M in pledges since last night, and hinted that the campaign had been low on cash reserves since Jan. 1.