The Daily Five: An Awesome Map

1. Atlanta Mayor Shirley Franklin* endorses Barack Obama.

"Barack Obama is a dynamic, smart, and experienced leader who has demonstrated the capacity to bring people together across party, race and gender lines. He inspires me and has inspired so many others. As a leader I believe he can build consensus to bring Americans together over the issues we care most about like health care, the economy and foreign policy."

* Some latent prejudice revealed itself: I initially wrote Shirley Chisolm. Yikes.

2. Jesse Jackson, Jr., Sen. Barack Obama's campaign co-chair, questions HRC's tears. Hum.

3. Security sweep / unusual events delay Giuliani event in Melbourne; TSA personnel wanded press; campaign refuses to comment.

4. Sen. Hillary Clinton regains her lead in the Intrade markets.

5. Here's a fantastic map of the New Hampshire primary results created by Nicholas Beaudrot.