South Carolina Primary WireEverybody wants to rule the world.

Clintonsize>...then Edwards...color>
55% in... BO: 54%....HRC:....27%.....JRE:....19%

**WJC in Independence, MO: "This is an interesting race. Sen. Obama won there. Hillary congratulated him. He won fair and square. Now we go to Feb. 5 when millions of Americans finally get in the act. Let us begin with a fair statement. This country needs a change in direction."

**HRC calls Obama, congratulates him and "wishes him well"....rally in TN...and then to FLORIDA for private fundraisers Sunday

** In statement, says: "We now turn our attention to the millions of Americans who will make their voices heard in Florida and the twenty-two states as well as American Samoa who will vote on February 5th."

** Edwards meeting with senior advisers soon.....
** Begins sending staff to Feb 5 states....
** Delegate allocation unknown.....