Romney's Raising Gobs Of Money

Mitt Romney won't tell the voters of Florida how much money he's contributed from his own bank accounts, but it's clear that he hasn't stopped the inflow of cash from donors.

Over the next four days, Romney holds four high-dollar fundraisers in the tonier precincts of the Sunshine State.

Tonight, he'll ditch his press corps to attend a $2300 a plate fundraiser at the home of the son of Amb. Mel Sembler in Pinnelas Park, near Tampa.

On Sunday, Romney has two $2300-per-person fundraisers, one in Boca and the other in Palm Beach.

And the day of the Florida primary -- Romney will pose for photos with donors exercising their constitutional rights in St. Petersburg.

By no means is he done there: a colleague reports that McCain has four fundraisers scheduled for California before Feb. 5)