Pro-Life Hecklers Interrupt Obama Event, And He Sees A Teachable Moment

ROCHESTER-VIA-C-SPAN: Hecklers shouting pro-life slogans interrupted Barack Obama's campaign rally in Rochester tonight.

After listening to their chants, Obama said he'd speak with them later.

He is, after all, the candidate who has promised to reconcile opposites and listen to his opponents.

But they would not quiet down, and Obama's audience began to shout his campaign slogan: "Fire it up, ready to go!'

"For the folks who are opposed to abortion, I understand your position, but this isn't going to solve anything," Obama said.

He walked to the edge of the stage.

"Are you going to do this the whole time, or are we going to have to reschedule?"

Police officers removed the protesters, and Obama saw a teachable moment.

"Some people got organized to do that, and that's part of the American tradition that we're proud of" he said.

"The excitement is over."

"Or, it's just beginning."