Placing the Candidates


Interesting chart from the Pew Center. One piece of bad news for liberals is that it seems that the self-assessed ideology of the American people is still somewhat right of center. It's also funny how unhinged Republicans' views of Hillary Clinton are. Contrast their exile of her to the outer fringes somewhere near Lenin and Pol Pot to the "all voters" pool which correctly sees her and Obama as occupying similar ground on the center-left. And that's even with the wacky Republican views factored in.

Looking at the GOP side where ideological distinctions between the candidates are more pronounced, it's interesting that all voters seem to classify the contenders almost entirely on the basis of cultural matters. Thus, Rudy Giuliani who's running to the right of everyone else on economic issues and foreign policy issues is seen as close to the center, while Mike Huckabee is viewed as the most conservative option.