Neilsen: 28,000 Spots Since January

The Neilsen folks are releasing daily updates of the total number of TV spots run by candidates in this race.

Number one, everywhere, is Mitt Romney, who has aired 4010 commercials in the Boston/WMUR designated market area (this includes Manchester), 2262 in the Burlington,VA and Plattsburgh, New York markets, and 1258 ads in the Portland-Auburn market, which covers Maine and parts of Northeastern New Hampshire.

This week, Romney has aired 471 commercials in the Boston/Manchester area alone, compared to John McCain's 422 -- more parity than McCain supporters might have expected.

Barack Obama has aired 2961 spots in the Manchester/Boston market, compared to Hillary Clinton's 2681. This week, though, Clinton has aired more than 250 spots, while Obama has aired less than 190 spots. (Is he conserving resources?)

In the VA/'NY/western New Hampshire market, Obama has aired 1533 ads and Clinton has aired 1132.

The biggest discrepancy is in the Maine/eastern New Hampshire market, where Clinton has aired three times as many ads as Obama: 1446 to 530.

And how many campaign ads have been run in total: more than 28,000 since January.