McCain's Moment

It's a bit odd, isn't it, that after all the drama of the Republican nominating race it now looks like John McCain will win? That, after all, is exactly what it seemed like would happen 18 months ago before any of the campaigning had happened. It's shades of John Kerry in 2004. I resolved four years ago to pay less attention to the details of the primary campaign next time around, and I think I succeeded to some extent, but I'm pretty sure I should have paid even less attention.

There's also a hack gap issue here. I spent, as did many liberals, much time mocking the eminently mock-worthy Mitt Romney. But in purely cynical terms, we should have all been mocking John McCain and acting really, really, really frighted of Romney. Such hair! How can we beat that? He'll put Massachusetts into play! Panic! That kind of thing.