Like a Republican?

Paul Waldman says Hillary Clinton is going after Barack Obama just like a Republican would -- without a lot of honesty or conscience. Frankly, I don't have a big problem with that. As Ezra Klein says "The winner of the Democratic primary, after all, will have to run against a Republican." Indeed, the thing that's given me the most doubts about Obama thus far has been the campaign's tendency to whine ineffectually about Clinton campaign gambits.

Dishonest attacks are part of the game and the only way for a candidate to protect himself against them is to turn them into jujitsu. This hear from Obama's camp is, in that light, very good stuff. The Clinton campaign has attacked him unfairly on choice issues so now Obama's got NOW's Lorna Brett Howard on video explaining why Clinton's wrong and why she's flipped from being a Clinton supporter to being an Obama supporter.