Endorsement Update

Two interesting endorsements this a.m.

Rep. Linda Sanchez (D-CA) endorses Barack Obama:

"Since I began serving in Congress five years ago, I have seen the difficulty in bringing fresh ideas to Washington, DC, and to our country. Sadly, great talent and ideas are too often dismissed because those who possessed them were seen as too idealistic, too young, or too unwilling to submit to the same old Washington way of doing things. Senator Obama is the candidate who can change that culture by mobilizing a new generation to get involved in the civic life of our country. He is reinvigorating America by showing us that we all have a stake -- and a say -- in our democracy and our country's future.

And John McCain was just endorsed by the co-founder of National Right To Life, Dr. Carolyn Gerster.

"John McCain is the most qualified candidate and has a consistent and principled pro-life record," said Dr. Gerster. "He has spent his career standing up for human rights and he will continue to do so as president. John McCain will nominate judges who understand the sanctity of human life, and firmly believes that courts should not be legislating from the bench. John McCain has the conviction, strengths, and experience to serve as commander in chief from day one and that is why he has my vote."