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CLINTON WINS NV....color>size>
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78% reporting: HRC: 51%, Obama: 45%, Edwards: 4%

** Campaign manager Patti Solis Doyle tells us: "This was a great win. There is a lot of work left to do. We're looking forward to working for every vote in the coming primaries and caucuses."
** Clinton wins Hispanics...64% ... good sign for Feb. 5 states...
** Clinton won six of nine at-large precincts...Jon Ralston: At Wynn precinct, HRC and Obama tie on first ballot...wins Clark county by 12%...Turnout exceeds 100,000
** HRC's Macker on MSNBC: "This is a huge win for us. Coming in with probably a five point disadvantage..."
** Obama adviser Susan Rice: "We're still the insurgent campaign..."
** Exit polls for SC starting to leak online, but I won't post them here...

Exit poll data, courtesy of CBS News and CBS News.com. (For more updates, click here.)
** Economy is top issue (48%)...followed by health care and war on Iraq..
** 28% were union members -- divided vote b/w Clinton and Obama
** Clinton wins women (52 to 30) AND ties men...
** More valued change than experience, but of those who valued experience, NINE of TEN backed HRC, while FIVE in TEN change-preferences backed Obama