Democrats for Romney

Given that there's no Democratic primary in Michigan and Michigan has an open primary, Kos offers the devilish suggestions that Democrats and Democrat-friendly independents should turn out and vote for Mitt Romney, who seems like a much easier general election opponent in November.

I'll only note that there's no reason one need be so cynical about it. I would much rather live under President Clinton or President Obama than under President Romney, but I'd take President Romney over President McCain or President Huckabee. Romney's a pathetic liar and he's running on a shitty agenda, but in a pinch you can say that the man has a track-record of managerial competence that Huckabee and McCain distinctly lack. Meanwhile, Romney appears not to quite have either McCain's zeal for war or Huckabee's zeal for not knowing what he's talking about. So there's really no downside to going and casting a ballot for Romney.