09:28: Is Romney capable of being Commander in Chief? McCain cites Romney's business experience...: "He bought and he sold and sometimes people lost their jobs and that's the nature of that business...but we're at the time in our history where you can't afford any on-the-job training..."

09:28: Romney gives a strong answer that weaves together his experience with his resume...notes that ABe Lincoln wasn't a military leader...

09:26: Romney actually said he was commander-in-chief of National Guard... true, but...he's sitting next to John Sidney McCain!

09:25: Romney says he'd the better leader on the economy.,..as people "over the centuries" have considered who'd lead the country, "they look to leaders." "You've got to have something who's actually done some work in the private economy and understand how it works..."

09:24: McCain is asked about the economy but instead talks about wars.... talks about his history with Reagan... "as we fought these wars together with unshakable courage and principles."

09:23: McCain has his Somber Reagan Voice down pat.

09:23: Press room starts to talk among themselves when Romney is speaking.

09:22: Romney goes all wonky when talking about Putin; Huck's simpler answer was stronger.

09:21: You can imagine McCain's brain trust sitting behind a VP table grading Huckabee's every answer.

09:20 When Huck looks at Pres. Putin, what does he see? "I don't know if I can read people's souls...their eyes can lie, their actions don't..." cites Ronald Reagan's "peace through strength: line.

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