Yesterday, Atrios wrote:

Yes all political junkies dream of the brokered convention. It would be exciting!! But I started to think about how the news media would deal with such a thing if it were necessary. The primaries are early. The convention is in August. Between the primaries and the convention the bobblehead discussion would be unbearable. I don't know how the campaigns themselves would deal with it. They couldn't go dark, but they couldn't campaign as the presumptive nominee either. There'd be calls and pressures from various quarters for one of the candidates to "do the honorable thing" and bow out for the sake of the party, or Tim Russert's Nantucket vacation, or whatever.

I kind of assume, in part for this reason, that even if the primaries don't result in anyone securing a majority of the delegates that the fight wouldn't actually go all the way to the convention. The answer to the question of what the campaigns do between the primaries and the convention is that they'd be brokering with all their might and most likely something would emerge. After all, what does anyone else have to do?