Bowden on Interrogations

Spencer Ackerman's trying an interesting experiment called "sources holler back" where he says that "from time to time I'll share with you the responses I get to my work from my sources, pending their approval, in the interest of providing a more in-depth airing of the issues I'm reporting on." Thus I note that in response to his piece on CIA interrogation policy, John Sullivan, longtime CIA polygrapher, complains:

In your article, you made no mention of Michael Koubi, the legendary Israeli interrogator. May I refer you to Mark Bowden’s interview, "The Truth About Torture," that appeared in the September 11, 2003 Atlantic Monthly and his related article, "The Dark Art of Interrogation," that appeared in the Atlantic Monthly in October 2003. If I wanted to learn something about interrogating Arabs, Israel is the first place I would go.

Thanks to our newly-free archives, you can read "The Truth About Torture" and "The Dark Art of Interrogation" along with Bowden's more recent, torture-free interrogation piece "The Ploy".