An Obama Ad Appears On Drudge, Mistakenly (Updated)

Sen. Barack Obama's got the Democratic netroots Fired Up! and Ready To Go, although not in a good way, and news that his campaign is advertising on the site of the master of all grand right wing conspiracy theories, Matt Drudge, will not help matters much.

"Even if it's true, it wasn't intentional, the site isn't on the approved list of sites we advertise on," says Bill Burton, an Obama spokesman.

The banner ad appears to be targeted at Iowans, although it's not clear whether Drudge has the capacity to microtarget IP addresses like that.

The Obama campaign is checking with its internet vendor to see what happened.

But here's the question: does Obama care even a sliver that some bloggers and netroots' activists are angry at him? I don't think he does. I don't think his campaign does. I don't even think, -- and I have nothing to base this on -- Obama's own netroots' team does.