MORE EXIT POLL HIGHLIGHTS: Indies: 33% of the GOP electorate. They chose McCain 38% to 26%. But McCain also beat Romney among Republicans: 36% to 31%. McCain won late deciders handily. BTW: less than in five NH GOP voters indentified themselves as evangelicals. “Sharing ones values” was more important than “what a candidate believes,” which was more important than “electability.” Only 24% think Romney is qualified to be commander in chief, compared to 43% for McCain.................Obama won independents, getting nearly 50% of their votes. Independents comprised about 41% of the Democratic primary vote. But Hillary Clinton won among registered Democrats: 38% to 32%. Clinton wins women narrowly: 40% to 36%. STUNNER: 47% say Obama is most likely to beat Republicans, compared to 33% for Clinton. But Clinton is still viewed as qualified to be commander in chief: 37% say she’s the most qualified, versus Obama at 27%.

Maggie Williams, Roy Spence, Doug Sosnik to participate in post-postmortem conference call with Clinton campaign officials tomorrow; Williams may play senior managerial role; no one being fired. color>Edwards raises $1.6M since Iowa; Clinton raises about $1M; Obama campaign raises nearly $3M.....MOVING FORWARD: Romney plans national call day in Boston tomorrow; heads to Michigan, than South Carolina. EXIT POLLScolor>: GOP: 3 in 10 GOP voters are independents (CORRECTED FIGURE)...many late deciders... McCain more electable than Romney...33% say economy is biggest issue followed by Iraq (22%) .... Democrats: 46% made up minds without last week.. 4 in 10 are independents.... HRC's favorability: 73%; Obama's: 84%; ... 36% say economy is top issue.... color>

Roy Spence will play major role in next iteration of Clinton campaign....Spence is longtime friend of the family who has helped rescue previous Clinton PR disasters..

Polls close at 7pm and 8pm...cities and towns report independently...results ETA: ?? ...Leaked exit polls? Not this timeDEM PRECINCTS RUNNING LOW ON BALLOTS .... TURNOUT SEEMS BRISK...One political aide; "Rock concerts at precincts".....but don't believe anecdotes...just wait until the results come in......Huckabee campaign bus gets stuck in ice...Will Clinton abandon South Carolina? Unlikely, but she'll probably spend more time in Feb. 5 states / Nevada .... candidate upbeat, but staff glum...speculation abounds about staff shake-up, but no announcements until tonight or Wednesday....color>

Clinton GOTV call script

All the candidates in the Democratic Primary have promised change but Hillary is the
one candidate most prepared to deliver on that promise. Hillary is counting on your

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Read "Teacher and Apprentice" from the December Atlantic..

Romney vows to continue regardless of finish...but aides concede a win in Michigan will be tough unless he finishes close to first in NH...Obama's early morning event marred by fainting woman, tasteless Larry David joke Thompson campaigns seems "Thompson Troops" who will "pay their own way" in SC....Come on El Rushbo, you know you want to endorse Fred....color>

Sources: Obama campaign expects Culinary Workers' union endorsement in Nevada; may fly to Vegas on Friday to accept...Don't you...forget about me? I'll be alone...Giuliani launches Spanish language TV ad in Florida...

Bill Clinton to major surrogates on a conference call today: "I don't know what's going to happen. I know it's going to be a little closer than people expect. You've just got to keep your chin up and keep fighting."

The Hill: Thompson staff decamps to South Carolina with reduced pay.