One popular theory as to why the Bulls suck so bad has to do with the idea that the team is tuning out Scott Skiles who has a reputation as a hardass whom everyone hates. The fly in the ointment of this theory is that coaching- or effort-related collapses usually seem to happen on the defensive end, but the decline in the Bulls' defense has been modest and probably attributable to something like the fact that Ben Wallace is a year older and was having some ankle problems at the beginning of the season. The collapse on offense is hard to explain in these terms -- Chicago was a middling offensive team last year based on a lot of jump shots; this year they're also a jump shooting team running a very similar offense, they just can't make any of the shots.

Maybe last season they were just incredibly lucky. Maybe they've just been incredibly unlucky this year. Vulnerabilities to the vagaries of probability has long been considered one of the problems with the jump shot offense, but the scale and uniformity of the problems are striking.